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Our Advocacy Priorities

We encourage you to attend as advocates for mental health services and funding.  Use these talking points as a foundation for the conversation:

The legislative priorities are as follows:

Invest in Mental Health and Innovation

  • Reject Medicaid caps or block grants that drive down innovation and force state program cuts, putting individuals with mental illness and families at risk
  • Support Medicaid expansion, with income-based eligibility, to provide coverage and a pathway to self-sufficiency for individuals with mental health conditions
  • Ensure insurance market reforms include mental health and substance use disorder coverage in every health plan and at the same level (parity) as other health conditions
  • Increase investment at NIH and NIMH in understanding, diagnosing and treating mental illness

Promote Early Intervention

  • Promote early intervention for serious mental illness through continued federal funding set aside in the Mental Health Block Grant to support research-based First Episode Psychosis programs

Improve Integration of Care

  • Improve integration of health and mental health care through policies and financing that:
          • Support the Collaborative Care Model, integrating behavioral health expertise into primary care
          • Expand Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics that integrate primary care into behavioral health care clinics

Support Caregivers, Military Service Members and Veterans

  • Support our nation’s caregivers by extending existing national caregiver support programs to include family caregivers of people with mental illness
  • Increase capacity for mental health care and promote continuity of care for military service members and veterans with mental health conditions

End The Criminalization of Mental Illness

  • Reduce the high cost of jailing people with mental illness by investing in policies and funding to ensure that every community has:
          • 24/7 behavioral health crisis response teams
          • Subacute and respite care
          • Assertive Community Treatment and Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (ACT/FACT) teams


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